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Replacing A Garage Door Spring Thornton Located

Replacing A Garage Door Spring Thornton Located

It is not too often that we worry too much about whether or not our garage door is going to operate properly. The simple fact is that our automatic door on the garage seems to work like clockwork and never fails, as you pull into your driveway, push the button on a remote and then drive into a nice try garage as the door slowly closes behind you.


There are times, however when your garage door can get very problematic. There is a very high tension spring located at the rear of the door near the top. The purpose of this spring is to help take the load off of the small electric motor that moves the door up and down on its rulers. When the door is moving upward the spring is contracting, and when the door is lowering the spring expands.


Over time the spring can lose its tension and place more of a load on the motor as well as the other parts of the door such as the rails and the door partitions.It’s a good idea to periodically have a repairman come to your home and check things out, particularly the spring. If the spring is worn out then you’ll have to replace a garage door spring Thornton located.


This process should not be attempted by the homeowner as it can be dangerous if the right procedure is not followed and tension is let off of the spring. Serious injury can occur or even death due to the high tension on the spring.


While the need to replace a garage door spring Thornton located is not a common occurrence, if a recommendation is made to replace it, it should be done because the spring is probably a hazardous or dangerous condition. It is better to be safe than sorry and to take care of the spring of replacement before it becomes a problem.